The Beginner's Joker Poker How To Play Guide

There are many different variations of the classic game of poker. One fan favorite spin off that shares many similarities with the ubiquitous Jacks or Better is a video poker title called Joker Poker. Played with a 53-card deck that includes a wild Joker, this game brings exciting changes to the pay table such as 5 of a kind, and a special royal flush. The best possible hand is called Sequential Royal Flush, and can be worth a huge prize of 20,000 coins depending on the casino. This quick Joker Poker how to play guide will give you some tips to help you get started, including how to select a place to play and how to navigate the changes to the pay table.

Pay Table and New Additions

When you begin with this Joker Poker how to play guide, keep these important things in mind. Most of the rules are the same as in the traditional version of the game, with a few differences. First, the incorporation of the wild card means that you have increased chances of hitting winning hands both big and small with more frequency. This means more payouts, which are made much more exciting with the new additions as mentioned above. Although the standard hands do pay less than usual, and you must have Kings or better to have a valid hand, the Royal with Joker, Sequential Royal Flush and 5 of a Kind as well as normal Royal Flush have excellent payouts.

Wild Card Strategy

When it comes to strategy, the most obvious adjustment is to always hang on to that wild card if you are lucky enough to get it, since it has massive potential to improve anything at all. If you have it, it is usually a smart idea to risk drawing for the more advanced options like the new additions. The wild makes it much more likely that you will hit a big payout. You will also be more likely to hit small wins such as a pair or two pair, though these pay out much less - in fact, two pair does not even have a higher payout than a single pair.

Where to Find It

Not every online casino offers this game since it has the potential to be so lucrative for the member, so be sure to check before making a new account at a particular site. Most casino websites have a free version of the games, so do take advantage of that if possible and test it out to see if you like the style of the interface and if the software is high-quality. Also, make sure to check for any special offers or bonuses that are available for new members who are interested in this particular title.

Now that you have read this Joker Poker how to play guide, you have a better idea of everything the game entails and are ready to get started. The instructions and buttons will be clearly marked on the site. The most important thing to remember is to have fun!