Legally Licenced Sites In American States

Many American gamblers are confused about legal poker rooms. Some aren't sure they exist, and others question the legality so much that they simply do not play the games. This article will delve into things like the UIGEA, the legality of online gambling, and whether or not US gamblers can truly play real-money games online.

Whether or not legal, real-money poker for USA players truly exist depends upon the state in which the individual lives. There are a few states in which it has been legalized, but the majority of the states have not addressed the US market at all. In the states where it has been legalized, people can rest assured that their spending will be regulated and taxed appropriately. However, there is still plenty of opportunity to win here and the state puts the money earned from the taxes to good use; many use it to better roadways, support schools and more. Play poker on your cell phone by signing up on a mobile casino site and have access to your favorite game no matter where you are. Opt for the Platinum Play app and enjoy great bonus offers and an even greater library of games.

The legality of online gambling came into question back in 2006 when US legislators passed the UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. While this Act did not and does not criminalize Americans if they choose to place wagers in online casinos, it does make it illegal for banks to process transactions with online casinos. Thus, although many people believe that they can be prosecuted for playing these games, this is not the case. In fact, there are plenty of legal USA poker rooms from which people can choose but they are more easily accessed by those who live in states where online gambling has been made legal in general. For everyone else, these rooms do everything they can to ensure that transactions are safe, simple and available in various formats.

It is important for people to remember that just because legal poker rooms are legal, they may not be safe. Like online casinos in general, there are some shady venues out there looking to steal honest money. People should be sure to research a venue thoroughly before they deposit any funds. One of the worst things that could possibly happen is when someone deposits hundreds of dollars, wins big by playing the game, and then comes to find out that the casino disappears or simply refuses to pay out the winnings. This happens more often than players think, even to American players who choose rooms that are willing to accept them.

The best online gaming is found in venues that are licensed and regulated by one or more unbiased third parties. Rooms that bear the eCOGRA seal are generally trustworthy since they have been found to meet and even exceed the standards set forth for fair and secure online gaming. Players should consider things such as the bonuses that are available to them, VIP programs, the selection of available games and more before they make a decision as to where to spend their money. Of course, graphics and sounds are also important since they go a long way in making sure that the individual remains entertained when he or she plays poker.