Explore Bovada Poker

The Morris Mohawk Gaming Network presents a new legal poker site, Bovada Poker. Both United States and European players thoroughly enjoy using this game site and many of them are former players of the Bodog brand. As a result of the transition from Bodog to Bovada, the traffic here is continuous. The site sports a unique and fun Las Vegas style look and feel, even to the point of using a .lv domain to reflect upon Las Vegas itself! In addition to the casino, users can also enjoy the site's sportsbooks and horse race betting opportunities.

At this particular site, which is licensed by the Mohawk Territory in Kahnawake, Canada, there is a weekly tournament with a guaranteed amount of $100,000 that users can look forward to playing toward. This runs each Sunday. The highest traffic is during US time zone playing time since most of the users do hail from North America. Big betters can look forward to playing 20 MTT tables all at once due to the cutting edge software at the site.

Freerolls at the site present another enticing element for players to enjoy. Daily qualifiers run for a bi-monthly $7,500 chance. Other bonuses at the site include royal flush, bad beat, and other opportunities. New players are entered into the $100,000 for free. The legal poker site offers plenty of diverse games to play, from different types of Texas Holdem, Seven Card Stud, and Omaha. Pot limit, no limit, and general limit varieties of poker are all available per player preference.

Rabbit cams at the site make playing even more fun by showing players what card they might have played in hindsight. Although this makes some poker players groan with frustration, it can also help build skill levels and add to the enjoyable nature of the game. One of the best things about Bovada Poker is that players can remain anonymous, without having their statistics blatantly displayed for other players to see. This keeps the stronger sharks away from the new fish and prevents any predatory targeting from occurring. This level playing field encourages many more newcomers than other sites where they are easy prey to seasoned poker players who are trying to take advantage of newbies.

In addition to these benefits that are especially helpful to new members, the legal poker site offers reliable customer service to all players at all times. Use the toll-free number to call about any questions, concerns, and help needed during play. Email support is also available for people who prefer to contact agents without using a phone. Multiple languages are covered by these support routes to ensure that there is no language barrier to prevent anyone from playing. Inquiries are responded to quickly and completely.

As the site continues to grow, much of its traffic looks to come from all over the world. Continued increases from its large US base are also predicted by industry experts. It is expected to become a key spot for online gambling, especially for new players who want to take advantage of its anonymous system.