Overcoming the Opponents with a Solid Omaha Strategy

Whether you're new to the game or you're just trying to get a leg up on the competition, then it is vital for you to have and employ a solid Omaha strategy. This is a version of Hold'Em poker that has a lot in common with the more popular Texas Hold'Em option, but due to some variances in the rules, it is often a bit more difficult to understand and therefore win - at least at first.

The idea is that rather than being able to complete your entire hand out of the cards that are provided for community use, you must use at least two of the four hole cards that you received prior to the flop, turn and river. Because of this, your starting hand is going to be even more important in this version than in any other. In fact, deciding which to play and which to fold will ultimately determine whether you win or lose in most cases. So, according to the US players who win the most, the best Omaha strategy involves determining where to start.

Much like it's Texas counterpart, the absolute best combination prior to the flop is always going to be a pair of Aces. In fact, in many cases, it's the absolute best option of all because you are going to be required to use two from the hole and three from the board and if you have two Aces, the odds of someone else at the table having the same are slim to none - at least, it is slim mathematically speaking. This is an enviable position and one that you should truly use to your advantage.

Of course, there are other combinations out there that can certainly work to your advantage. A/K, K/K, K/Q and many times even Q/Q are just as popular. You can use these toward completing a high straight. Something else to consider is the suited pair as these play a vital role in a royal flush. You should only play Q/Q or lower, though, if you have high supporting cards that could possibly lead you into a decent full house.

Next in terms of Omaha strategy are those cards that are suited but only of moderate value. These include pairs of Jacks, 10s, 9s and 8s that are of the same suit. While they can be easily beaten by higher combos, they can certainly put you in a position to build up a decent straight and they are quite flexible in that you can make alternate choices depending upon what you see on the flop.