Different Ways to Play Linux Compatible Poker Games

Years ago, before the current boom in online poker, it was impossible to find decent rooms for people who owned Linux computers. The few online rooms that existed where directed towards the Windows market which made up a great deal of the industry. Fortunately, for this minority of users, casino software manufacturers begin to expand their supply to include operating systems for more than PCs. Today, despite what many may believe, there are some Linux compatible poker games out there at reputable sites.

The websites that offer these options are typically presenting a free instant option that does not require downloading. This can be a great factor since the games are still fully functional but there is no need to add unwanted programs to your current computer. With the instant play version, gamblers are registered, making deposits, and headed towards the cool green felt tables in a few minutes flat. Even though the version played in a web browser differs slightly, the gaming options remain the same.

Most instant gaming options are powered by Flash Player. This is the most common source for Linux compatible poker games and is intended for both regular users like you and for content developers. All you have to do is ensure that the most recent form of the software is installed to your computer. Afterwards, in your browser, the software will be ready for use right away. This dynamic software allows its viewers to engage with rich multimedia content and will not detract from the superb graphics. The audio and video applications of Flash create an experience that will have players feeling like they are stepping into Las Vegas.

Another option to enjoy Linux compatible poker games is through a form that can be downloaded called WINE. WINE is works as a convertor system that, once installed, will allow individuals to download the Windows version of whatever poker software you are joining. Next, transfer the files to your computer and save them. Similar to installing a program through the CD-ROM, with WINE you will need to open the file and run it. Then, type command /tmp/nameofpokerfile.exe into the run text box, which enables your system to accept this incompatible file. After, all these steps have been followed correctly, you can begin play. As you can see, the many loops you have to jump through makes WINE unfavorable to some users.

A final downloadable version is called dual boot. This program closely resembles that found on many Mac computers. It allows owners to run Windows and Linux software on the Linux operating system. This option is for the more dedicated players as you will have to hire a professional to properly and securely install the program on your computer. It is not a good idea to attempt to do this on your own.

So, there you have it: multiple methods for enjoying online games if you have a laptop or PC of this brand. Keep in mind, that all of these are not viable options for everyone as they may require specialized equipment or technicians in order to perform correctly.